Our wishes and Activity report in 2019


All the Members of the Board of Administration and the Executive Board of VCLFRANCE warmly give their best wishes for the year 2020 : Health, Happiness, Wellfare and Success in your everyday lives. 

VCLFrance would like to warmly thank those who took the pleasure to actively participate in the 14 public meetings organized by VCLFRANCE in 2019, in plus to some sixty private meetings between the Members and the friends of VCLFrance through the intermediary of our Business Club in the same year.

Thanks to the dedication of the Members of the Executive Board who met 5 times in 2019 to deliberate and take decisions ensuring the proper functioning of VCLFRANCE, more than 750 professionals were able to participate in public and private meetings, some thirty ideas and projects have been initiated of which nine have been carried and then transformed into concrete collaboration between the participants engaged during the past year.

More, by the simple fact of belonging to the VCLFRANCE common network, thousands of Members (5,115 Members updated, validated and accepted on more than 23,500 requests on January 01, 2020, corresponding to an acceptance rate of 21.76%) were able to exchange directly between them and possibly achieve collaborations in business or in personal and confidential meetings from the moment that they have found common interests without needing to report to anyone.

The successes and failures in the relations between the persons concerned are exclusively the results of exchanges between them who are adults and responsible for their actions.

Invited by other institutional and professional agencies, some members of the Executive Board of VCLFRANCE were able to take part in twenty events organized by these different organizations and to weave essential links to senerely promote VCLFRANCE without superficial media hype.

VCLFRANCE is an organization that always intends to "be seen as VCLFRANCE is" and refuses to use professional and social networks to "be seen beyond its being" whereas VCLFrance can exploit them to perfection. VCLFRANCE refrains from making false advertisements by taking the successes of others for itself and playing on media blows at the expense of its credibility, its seriousness and its main reasons for being.

Three key words characterizing the operating mode of VCLFRANCE : "Diversity, Agility and Reality". And it is thanks to this immutable positioning that VCLFRANCE is able to receive warmly the participants coming from all different backgrounds. 

VCLFRANCE has been constantly evolving since its creation, almost 11 years ago (03/21/2009 and officially registered since 03/09/2012).

At the beginning of the new year, the Executive Board Members are working to reconfigure the current functioning of VCLFRANCE and will adopt a new mode of operation responding to the new business challenges in the multifaceted world. And, this new organization will be effective from the end of the 1st quarter of 2020.

You are warmly welcome to the meetings organized by VCLFRANCE, as long as you think that these correspond to your current and future projects.

You can get in touch directly with each of the Members of the Executive Board to work together with them. For the first contact, you will write to them at the following address : accueil@vclfrance.org

The members of VCLFRANCE's Executive Board and myself, we are at your disposal to identify together needs that are both constant and shifting. We will have the pleasure to see you or see you again at the next VCLFRANCE meetings.

Best regards and VCLFranchement yours. 

 - VCL-France Business Club


GOOD VISIT ..... - VCL-France Business Club

Quietly discover the different information we publish in each of the following pages for you to better understand « VCL – France Business Club ».


At last we transmit 2 warm messages targeted to :

Fruitful exchange

Fruitful exchange - VCL-France Business Club

* Our partners : Better knowledge of ourselves for better answers to actual and substantial needs of our «Members or Clients or Providers».

Active Participation

Active Participation - VCL-France Business Club

* Our memberships and members : Actively participate to the meetings organised by VCLFrance or perform direct or indirect exchanges to quickly find people or resources able to FULFILL your expectations.


Sincerely yours.....

Sincerely yours..... - VCL-France Business Club

Let’s give us these opportunities.

See you soon.


VCLFrance’s Managing Team