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Community and professional organisation

Community and professional organisation - VCL-France Business Club

VIETNAM-CAMBODGE-LAOS & FRANCE BUSINESS CLUB (VCL - France Business Club  or VCLFrance has been created on March 21, 2009.


VCLFrance is a community and professional organisation governed by the French law of 1901 concerning association and registered in the French Administration with number « W751214045 » on March 09, 2012. This registration has been published in the “Journal Officiel” on March 24, 2012, page 1365.


OUR  MEMBERS ..... - VCL-France Business Club

On 2019/01/25 our 4 816 members are present in 42 countries, mainly in France (+ some EU countries) and in the 3 former french Indochina countries (+ some Asian countries)


80% of the members are professionals in activity and 85% of the members have at least Master professional qualification or education level.


Obtaining membership is performed through a co-opted procedure based on the applicant’s request and profile.


VCLFrance have access to a unique pool of human resources having multidisciplinary skills and experience on several activities. They are ready to be used when business opportunities will occur.

RESOURCES ..... - VCL-France Business Club


OUR REASONS OF BEING - VCL-France Business Club

VCLFrance is a multidisciplinary and intergenerational platform allowing its members, friends of Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao and French, native or not, to mainly exchange on business but on multiculturalism too.


VCLFrance acts in thoughts and actions with its members to :

Relationship hub for exchanges in 4 countries

Relationship hub for exchanges in 4 countries - VCL-France Business Club

* Facilitate economic and sociocultural exchanges between France and the 3 french-speaking south-east Asia countries : Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao


* Facilitate the emergence of common projects the business growth within this network in the 4 related countries


* Develop a relational network including VCLFrance’s member and other external entities (natural person or legal entity) allowing to communicate, broadcast and use useful information to develop and manage business in the 4 related countries.