General meeting

VCLFrance regularly orgnanize several kinds of events :


* « Diner-meeting » open to all for "face to face" exchanges between participants.


For example :

Theme meeting

* Opportunities to complete professional projects using ad-hoc Commissions.


For example :

Theme meeting - VCL-France Business Club


* Seminar-symposium focus on a theme or a specific activity sector with a limited number of participants.


For example :

International exchange

International exchange - VCL-France Business Club

* Visits and business trips to provide our members with the opportunity to meet and build relationship targeted to their expressed interests.

Other main activities

VCLFrance can, on request, support and help its members in one of the 4 related countries based on the needs and nature of their projects.


VCLFrance identifies, audits and develop relationship with companies and organisations offering quality products or services allowing to recommend some answering members’ needs.


VCLFrance provides 3 relationship channels allowing the 1930 members to meet and exchange opportunities in order to become known and build relationship through face to face meetings using one or the non exclusive following channels :


* General or theme meetings organised by VCLFrance and monitored by Moderators including subjects or projects’ presentations by several participants after networking sessions between participants


* Direct exchanges and face to face meeting between participants at their convenience


* Meetings organised by one of the 6 following current commissions’ responsible : Initiative and Projects, Corporate Law, IT & Business, Professional Training and Improvement, Business Trips, Support and Guidance.